by Marcia Kothe

Hello Dear Soul,


Thank you for making the time for yourself.

I warmly welcome you. Take a deep breath now and the focus to your heart centre. Instantly, there is a feeling of aliveness and surrendering, maybe even a shy smile might pop on your lips! This is your heart talking to you! This is the connection you are looking for, so let the journey back home begin.

This space is provided so you can look within you. Probably the biggest “thing” you will do in your whole life. Yes, because the Journey is continuous, and it is not easy, sorry to break the news so bluntly, it is just the truth. Having said that, do not be deceived, as this Path is simple. Not easy, but simple. The “not easy part” can originate from the resistance to change or from the attachments to the old or from the fear of the new life which is imminent.

The big avatars such as Christ and Buddha, left for us their own instructions as living examples of the Laws of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness. The laws are clear,  They are simple pathways which lead to balance and evolution. Remember, simple, not easy.

There are times in this journey which we do need extra help, and this is when I come in. Not to take your hand and do the work for you, but to remind you. Remind you of your wisdom within, your personal power, of your uniqueness, of the compassionate being you are, of the power of forgiveness. My job is to hold a clear, loving and supportive space, so you can transform what is not serving you into a precious jewel, using your own alchemy! This is the moment you connect to the Master within, and it is my honour and commitment to be with you in your journey.

Embark on the deepest Journey you can possibly have!

Build Your Own Sacred Path!

Feel Your Heart in Peace and pulsating Life! 

“Meaning of the Thread, symbolizes the agent that links all states of being to one another.  The THREAD links this world to other worlds and to all beings.”        Alice Ouzonian

“If we dive deep enough into ourselves, we will find the one THREAD of   Universal Love that ties all beings together.”    Amma