The Journey has taken me places. It is impossible to separate professional from personal life, as when someone comes for treatment, is because of the wholeness I can offer, and that is beyond diplomas or courses.

I am a explorer of how Spirituality shapes human beings and how human beings experience spirituality through their lives. I am fascinated with the sacredness of each individual’s inner temple and in which ways they take care of it, how and when do they connect.

As The Journey flows, I bring Spirituality to the forefront of my life, in every aspect. In that sense, I followed my passion for human beings and became a physiotherapist. Soon after that, Reiki and Meditaion came into my life to brighten my path and propel me up in the evolutionary spiral, reason why I am absolutely passionate about the Reiki Teachings and Meditation practice.

Reiki and Meditation ARE my life, at the best of my capabilities I live it and breath it. That does not mean that I do not worry about money, that I do not get angry, that I do not get deeply upset or hurt. However, the main difference is that those feelings stay for shorter periods of time. I’m more prone to let them go and come back to my centre.

Following my educational story, I expanded the studies to kinesiology- getting to understand life through the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the light of the psychosomatic phenomena, i. e. emotions and thoughts influencing the body’s natural health.

I’ve been in The Journey since 2006, and lately I started The Teacher’s steps. First with meditation, than Reiki and finally facilitating Retreats. You can find more information about it in the Services section.

The Journey grows and unfolds as I connect heart to heart, learning about you, I learn about myself, and the circle continues on.

I deeply thank you for being here, in the subtle levels, sharing your time with me!