Reiki Courses

Welcome to Reiki Level I Course

Reiki is the energy of the Universe, is the driving force of Nature, is the sparkle in a child’s eyes. Learning how to connect to the Universal Life Force will nourish your Soul, will bring clarity and peace. When Reiki calls you, it is your time to be empowered.

This course will encompass

Introduction to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Lineage

Usui Reiki Principals

Reiki Attunement

Energy Cleansing and Protection

Hands on Self Treatment

Hands on treating others


Reiki Crystal Pendant.

Investment: $350.


Dee Why Natural Health and Healing Centre

When: Dates available below

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of June.
10am till 3:30pm.

How to prepare:

I highly encourage reducing the consume of stimulates (like caffeine and refined sugars) and red meat 1 week prior to the course.
Increase water intake and immerse yourself in nature.
Take few minutes to meditate per day.
Use nice and comfy clothing.
Bring cushion for extra comfort.
Refreshments will be provided, please bring lunch (there is no microwave on premisses).

Please contact me on my mobile 0416 418 800, as the contact form on the website is under maintenance!

About the Facilitator:
Marcia Kothe is absolutely passionate about the Reiki teachings, devoting her life to Spirituality. She practices Reiki for 10 years, and has seen over 600 clients from different nationalities, performing more than 5000 sessions. Over the year, Marcia also became a meditation teacher and she facilitates spiritual retreats in Australia and overseas.