“A glimpse of clarity, then a lighted path in front of me. That’s the best way I can describe my experience with Tread Therapies.

I started a Reiki treatment with Marcia Kothe in 2005 and I can say that Reiki coupled with my interest in the Buddhist philosophy since an early age was a perfect combination for me to take a closer look into what it means to be ‘spiritual’, and in touch with what is called ‘energy fields’. Connecting it all, body, mind, emotions, spirit and among so many benefits (wellbeing, stress reduction and relaxation…) it enabled me the possibility to better differentiate a sense of self versus a state of being, what in a deeper level was such an improvement in my day to day life.
Marcia Kothe is one of the best human beings I have met. She is not only a dedicated professional with such high level of understanding and interested in the fields of Reiki, massage and kinesiology, she is also a gifted healer with a great heart. It’s quite simple; you look at her and she smiles with her eyes. In seconds she fills up the whole room with a bright energy.’

Andrea Moitinho


“I am a mental health professional and have been helping others to find their inner strength and confidence to manage their thoughts and emotions to create healthy relationships and an enjoyable life.

I have learnt two crucial things in my work about self-care:
If I want to keep helping others, I need to take of myself first;
We need take care of our health in 6 levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.
For those reasons, I am constantly learning and experiencing new therapeutic approaches, Reiki was one of them in my list. It is interesting how an information or situation comes to us when we are clear about your intention, so one day someone told me about her great experience with Marcia’s sessions and shared with me the outcomes during and after her Reiki sessions. I became more curious and decided to have some sessions with Marcia.

Marcia is a gifted healer who is confident and clear about her professional role. My experience with her has been amazing. In each session I learn and learn about my own energy and observe my body doing its own job to rebalance my itself.

Marcia is very present and attuned in the way she facilitates my healing process. The sessions are gentle and powerful. After each session, I feel more aware about my internal state, more grounded and connected to myself and my inner power.

Marcia says she is offering Reiki sessions, I dont want to minimise the power to Reiki, but I believe Marcia’s work is much more than that, I can really feel God’s hands taking care of me through her hands.

Thank you so much for the amazing support you have been giving me so far.”

Salene Souza.


“I’ve had many good experiences with Reiki, incredible how it changes our energy, how we can feel better and how it changes our life. When I started to do Reiki, I was confused, anxious, sad and really emotional, things took a while to happen, but I always felt better when I did it. I had more energy, I was more calm and focused in my life. After few sessions, I felt prepared to change something that bothered me, and started a new way. It is a constant process, but after you have started you won’t be the same. You will always want to be a better person.”

Fernanda Costa


“Few months ago I hit one of those places very common to very active people these days… I was stressed, tired, not being able to focus… That was when I decided to get some reiki sessions done with Marcia. As early as after my first session my friends and co-workers started noticing the difference. The sessions are always amazing, empowering and relaxing at the same time. And on top of all, Marcia has a very positive and sweet attitude that makes the sessions even more enjoyable. My energy has return and my happy self came along. 🙂 I believe that a balanced energy makes a lof of difference in one’s life! And for that reason I do recommend everyone to try reiki sessions with Marcia in order to experience this healing journey.”

Flávia Rossler


“I started my journey is this beautiful healing path almost a year ago. Working as a general practitioner, I was seeing about 50 patients a day what was quite challenging and mentally demanding for me. So I decided to look for something that could help me to release all the stress and tension from that period of my life, and reiki came to my mind. After my first session, I was stunned by the deep relaxation and positive energies I felt. Not surprisingly I got addicted to that divine sensation and have been having reiki every week since then. These weekly sessions have helped me grow spiritually and emotionally, and I feel much stronger and confident. I couldn’t be more grateful to Marcia and her pure,angelical energy for bringing my physical, mental and spiritual bodies back into balance again. Many thanks to you my beautiful friend.”

Raquel Zanetti